Exclusive V.I.P. Members


Qualify for all the Standard Member Benefits but get deeper discounts on every retail and training purchase. Receive increased frequency of service on your equipment and more guest passes, along with exclusive access to V.I.P. access to our Cigar Lounge, Vault, and Conference Space.


Individual Memberships

The wait is over. We are now accepting applications to join the most exclusive shooting club and firearm family on the east coast. Experience our world-class facilities. Learn from the best of the best. Receive discounts on everything you purchase. Gain access to private V.I.P. shooting lanes and relax in our premium cigar lounge. You will even receive guest passes so you can share with friends.


Joint Memberships

Share your hobby with your significant other. Only couples in the same household are eligible. Whether it’s date night, quality time,or knowledge sharing for safety; it is true what they say. “Couples the shoot together, stay together”.


Family Memberships

Does your family know how to shoot, care for, and properly handle a firearm? Our club is not only family-friendly, but we make it our mission to make sure all of our members and their families know how to properly handle themselves around firearms. Whether for sport, personal protection, or a combination of both; there is no greater responsibility than to teach those you love most about the importance of gun safety.