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Range Memberships

A variety of memberships will be available to members, each with its own pricing and suite of amenities, structured in a manner similar to the operations of a country club. While the facility is available to the public, members will have preferential options to reserve a lane and instructor of their choice. Members will also have option of bringing guests or their own instructor if they so choose


Firearms Training

Taught by certified instructors, all training, coursework and classes offered by Wolf Land Tactical will be related to individual shooting disciplines, focused on the type of firearm and shooter experience. Wolf Land Tactical will also provide dedicated space for law-enforcement, military and security-specific training modules. These modules will be available to consumers who have completed all course work through advanced training.

Pro Shop

The firearms Pro Shop will offer a wide variety of high-quality rifles, handguns and shotguns, as well as firearms components and accessories. As the only retail destination of this caliber in this region, Wolf Land Tactical intends to become the primary and preferred provider of components, accessories, and apparel.

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